Rinse Baskets

Rinse Baskets & Accessories

Explore rinse baskets at Riverbend Home and increase the utility of your kitchen sink with an eco-friendly drying option. A rinsing basket functions as an in-sink dish rack that fits inside the sink basin, and features a grated design for water to escape through to the drain. Whether you’re washing or drying dishes or rinsing produce, this practical sink accessory makes a smart addition to an oft-used kitchen fixture. Crafted in stainless steel, a rinse basket resists rust and features coated feet and rims to prevent scratching your sink. Make your rinse basket even more useful with additional accessories: A utensil caddy attaches to the side of the rinse basket to contain flatware for rinsing and drying, and a drop-in strainer fits inside the sink drain to block food particles. Explore our collection and find a rinse basket in the right configuration to suit the shape and dimensions of your kitchen sink.