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Indoor Lighting Accessories

Browse our assortment of lighting products and accessories to find the best options in connectors, adapters, switches, lanterns, and wall plates to highlight and illuminate the indoor areas of your home. A battery-powered lantern adds a soft glow and cozy ambiance; LED candle lights inside the lantern come with a realistic flickering feature that adds to the atmosphere. Our collection includes individual battery-powered LED lanterns and multi-piece sets. Use an ornate medallion to enhance indoor ceiling lighting; a medallion embellished with scallops, scrollwork, or other details adds an elegant, finished look at the base of a chandelier or pendant light fixture. Change the intensity of the lighting in any room with a dimmer switch. Available for LED, halogen, and incandescent fixtures, a dimmer takes your indoor lighting from 1 to 100 percent with a quick slide of the switch. Finish the look of your home’s light switches with an attractive wall plate, designed to fit a standard outlet, light switch, or dimmer. We offer options in horizontal and vertical configurations that cover exposed wires and impart a clean look to the room. Find useful and decorative lighting products for your indoor living spaces at Riverbend Home.