Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lights & Accessories

Illuminate the darkest corners of your kitchen or workspace with under cabinet lighting. Lights mounted under the cabinets brighten countertops, allowing you to see better as you work. Our collection includes under cabinet light bars, LED tape, and fixtures that transform the look of your kitchen, garage, work area, or another room in the home. Choose a fixture in a finish similar to your cabinets for a uniform look; mount it close to the front for the best distribution of light.

A plug-in light strip or fixture is easy to install; simply mount it under a cabinet, connect to the outlet, and power it on. Mount a plug-in cabinet light close to a power source so the cord reaches the outlet without over-stretching. A hardwired under cabinet light requires professional installation but leaves your outlets free for other appliances. Hardwired units allow you to link all under cabinet light fixtures on a central switch or dimmer for convenience. Energy-efficient LED lighting emits very little heat under kitchen cabinets, making it ideal in food storage areas. Put the right amount of light exactly where you need it with LED tape lights; cut them, place them, reattach them—LED tape lights create the perfect accents under cabinets. We also offer an assortment of under cabinet lighting accessories, including cables, connectors, cords, and transformers. Elevate your kitchen or workspace with options from the selection of under cabinet lighting and accessories available at Riverbend Home.