Wall Lights

Find the Right Wall Light for Your Room

Browse wall lights at Riverbend Home and find a wide multitude of lighting options for your home, from decorative wall sconces to three-light vanity fixtures to wall lamps that swing outward for adjustable illumination. Wall lights often add a secondary light source in a space, serving as task or accent lighting in addition to the overhead or ceiling lights. If you’re looking for the right kind of lighting to illuminate artwork or architectural features on your walls, we include wall-mount light fixtures designed for that purpose. Whether you’re looking for task lighting or accent lighting, the type of wall light you choose should be informed by the style of your room, the amount of space available, and the amount of illumination you will need.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have been around for centuries, and today’s configurations are some of the most versatile for your home, serving as a perfect secondary source of illumination in any room. Install a pair of wall sconces on either side of artwork above a sofa, above your nightstands in lieu of table lamps, or on either side of a bathroom mirror for balanced illumination. Wall sconces can also add light in a long hallway, or serve as accent lighting in the corner of a dining room, living room, or office. With sconces especially, you’ll want to consider the fixture’s location rating. For use in a bathroom or on a covered porch, opt for a sconce with a damp location rating; if you plan to install it outside, choose a sconce with a wet rating. From clean, uncluttered designs to ornately embellished traditional options to dramatic modern statement pieces, our collection of wall sconces includes styles for every taste.

Vanity Lights

Unlike wall sconces, which work practically anywhere in the home, vanity lights are designed specifically for use in the bathroom. These essential light fixtures are primarily functional, and offer bright light for everyday grooming. Our selection of bathroom vanity lights includes a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Choose a fixture with bulbs facing downward for ample task lighting, or opt for a light with bulbs facing upward to enhance a room’s ambient illumination. Our collection also includes single-light LED tube or bar fixtures that install horizontally above a vanity mirror or vertically on either side. Whether your bathroom is decorated in a rustic farmhouse style or with minimalist, modern fixtures, you’ll find a vanity light to suit your space in our selection of wall lights.

Other Types of Wall Lights

Looking for the right fixture to illuminate any task? Explore the options in our wall lights. Picture lights are designed specifically for highlighting artwork or architectural features along a wall. These classic fixtures are especially suitable in formal spaces in traditional homes, but can also complement industrial or modern décor. In a reading nook or near your bed, opt for a wall lamp with an adjustable swing arm that allows you to position the light where you need it most. Unlike sconces, which are often hardwired into your home’s electrical system, wall lamps plug into a socket with external wiring.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of sconces for the empty walls in your dining room, a vanity light fixture to install above your bathroom mirror, or a picture light for illuminating an elegant piece of artwork, you’ll find ample choices in our selection. To simplify your search, set filters to narrow results by fixture type, number of bulbs, style, location rating, and other variables.