Hanging & Freestanding Hammocks

Nothing looks as welcoming and inviting as a hammock hanging in the backyard. Our hammocks come in a variety of patterns, colors, and designs to complement your existing patio furniture and outdoor décor. Bring a homespun aesthetic to your outdoor space with a colorful quilted cotton hammock, or choose woven rope for a tropical island vibe. Crafted in strong, lightweight, breathable nylon, our perfectly portable camping and Brazilian hammocks are great for on-the-go families. A compact hammock chair or swing fits into a small space on a patio or porch, ideal for relaxing in solitude; choose a two-person design where space allows and you prefer to share. Hang your hammock outdoors between two trees for a classic look or select a freestanding model. Made in durable solid wood or steel, our sturdy hammock stands come in an array of sizes and shapes, including A, C, and X-frame. Whether you’re searching for a contemporary or classic style, find a hammock for every outdoor space at Riverbend Home.