Patio Furniture Accessories

Outdoor Covers & Accessories

Explore outdoor covers at Riverbend Home and find the best options to protect patio furniture and appliances. We offer an assortment of thick, long-lasting covers that keep items tucked away neatly and help protect your investment from water damage, dust, and UV rays so they continue to look good and function properly season after season. Available for full dining sets, daybeds, tables, and chairs, our patio furniture covers are crafted in vinyl, polyester, and other lightweight yet durable materials that keep moisture from seeping through. We also offer an assortment of covers for fire pits, propane tanks, and patio heaters. These long-lasting covers are sturdy and weatherproof, ideal for keeping your fire pit, tank, or patio heater safeguarded from rain, wind, and animals. Browse the patio furniture accessories at Riverbend Home and find the best options for your needs.