Eye Wash & Emergency Shower Stations

Eye Wash Stations & Shower Towers

Riverbend Home offers an assortment of emergency eye wash stations, shower stations, and accessories for your job site or workplace. We include pedestal and wall-mount eye wash stations that provide a gentle yet steady flow of water to rinse debris, chemicals, and irritants out of the ocular area. You’ll also find deck-mount wash stations and faucet spouts suitable for the lavatory, kitchen, or other indoor areas that pose the risk of eye irritant exposure. A portable emergency eye wash station comes with a multi-gallon tank, making it ideal for a worksite with no access to a potable water source. A standing shower tower station adjusts to accommodate different heights and delivers full coverage to all affected facial areas, including the eyes and scalp, when an emergency occurs. Our eyewash and emergency shower stations include aerated spray heads, automatic flow controls, and regulators for hands-free operation. Keep employees and coworkers safe while adhering to worksite regulations with an emergency eye wash or shower station from Riverbend Home.