Power Drill Bits & Hole Saws

Drill Bits, Hole Cutters & Sets

Browse drill bits and hole saws at Riverbend Home to find the best options in these essential accessories for your power tool. Drill bits and hole saws are appropriate for a wide range of home improvement applications, from tackling a plumbing project to building a new deck in your backyard. Whether you’re drilling through wood, plastic, metal, masonry, concrete, tile, or glass, our selection of bits, saws, and sets includes the right accessories to make fast work of the job. Drill bits and hole saws come in several sizes and styles, so make sure you choose the right one for your project.

Types of Drill Bits

Heavy-duty drill bits are designed to bore through a range of materials. Explore these types of bits:

  • Step Bit: Designed for use with thin metal, a single step bit can drill multiple-sized holes.
  • Pilot Bit: A pilot bit is used to drill a starter hole, either for centering a larger hole saw or for preventing a material from splitting or cracking when screwed or hammered into.
  • Bellhanger Bit: A transverse hole drilled near the tip of a bell hanger bit enables it to pull wire through walls, ceilings, and floors, making this bit a common choice for electricians and cable installers.
  • Auger Bit: Used to drill holes in wood, an auger bit is shaped like a corkscrew and is especially effective at clearing waste material from boreholes.
  • Spade Bit: A spade or paddle bit features a wide, flat blade that drills a large hole into wood, plywood, and some plastics, removing the excess material as it goes.
  • Forstner Bit:A Forstner bit is used to drill flat-bottom holes of a certain depth into—but not through—wood, and is often used in furniture and cabinetry construction.

Hole Saws vs Drill Bits

Like a drill bit, a hole saw attaches to a power drill to allow you to bore a circular hole through a range of materials, but these bits—also known as hole cutters—are designed to create a larger hole than most standard drill bits would allow. Browse our collection of hole saw drill bits and find kits and individual cutters in diameters ranging from ¾” to 6¼”. Hole saws require an arbor to attach to your power drill; some include the arbor, and for others you must purchase it separately. Our collection includes cutters crafted in high-speed steel, steel, and bi-metal, as well as options with heavy-duty carbide teeth. Self-feed bits combine the best of spade bits and hole saws to bore holes with a cleaner finish than either can offer on its own.

Whether you’re looking for a drill bit set to stash in your toolbox or searching for a single hole saw for a specific project, you’ll find top brands, including Pasco, and Ridgid at Riverbend Home. To simplify your search, set filters to narrow results by item type, material, brand, size, and other variables.