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Clean up your tough messes and keep your home, garage, or workshop spotless with a wet/dry vacuum and accompanying accessories. We offer wet/dry vacuums in compact, portable, and industrial configurations that offer powerful suction for picking up most liquid and solid messes. Our wet/dry vacuums come with hoses, filters, and the accessories you need to get the job done. Our collection also includes pleated paper filters that capture fine particles and resist clogging; some can be used to vacuum liquids. Explore our selection and find a wet/dry vacuum, filter, or accessories for your messiest jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Wet/Dry Vacuum Used For?

A wet/dry vacuum is used to clean up liquid and solid messes. These versatile vacuums are ideal for cleanup jobs in the house, garage, or work area. Stronger than a standard home vacuum, a wet/dry vacuum is ideal for heavy-duty tasks that require a powerful motor for picking up debris.

Can a Wet/Dry Vacuum Pick up Water?

Yes. A wet/dry vacuum is designed to safely pick up water and non-flammable liquids. But before using your wet/dry vacuum on liquids, read the manufacturer’s directions; you may need to remove, adjust, or change the filter before use.

Can a Wet/Dry Vacuum Clean Carpets?

Yes, a wet/dry vacuum can clean a carpet. First, vacuum the carpet using the dry setting to remove dirt and debris. Next, apply stain remover or cleaning solution evenly over the carpet. Scrub any stains or soiled areas with a brush to loosen grime. After scrubbing, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the excess liquid from the carpet; this may require several passes with the vacuum.