Critter Sitters

Critter Sitter Pet Stollers, Carriers, and Pet Houses

Take your pet with you when you’re on the go with pet strollers, backpack carriers, and carriers from Critter Sitter. Their line of pet products let you transport your pet on walks, jogs, and in the car in comfort, safety, and style. Strollers are perfect for smaller pets, pets with mobility issues, and keeping puppies safe on that trip to the vet or just around town. Elderly pets who used to love long walks, can once again enjoy long, leisurely strolls with you without them feeling pain from arthritic joints or getting tired before the walk is down. For joggers, you can use a specialty designed pet stroller to bring your dog along without hassle of getting pulled on a leash or having shorter dogs trying to keep up with your stride. Critter Sitter also offers a line of cozy pet homes for both indoor and outdoor use. They provide shade and shelter from the weather, so your pet can enjoy spending time in the backyard in comfort. Riverbend Home is an authorized retailer.