Demeyere Stainless Steel & Non-Stick Aluminum Cookware

Founded in Belgium in 1908, Demeyere has evolved into a global manufacturer of stainless steel cookware. High-quality Demeyere cookware adapts to suit different cooking methods, including induction, which uses magnetic currents to heat pots and pans and allows precise temperature control. Pots and pans from Demeyere feature chef-friendly details from dripless pouring rims to ergonomic stay-cool handles. Demeyere cookware innovations include the superconducting InductoSeal base for even heat conduction, retention, and distribution; temperature-controlling Controlinduc technology; the revolutionary Silvinox surface treatment that resists fingerprints and tarnishing; 5-ply construction with a thick aluminum core for perfect browning; and advanced welding techniques for handle support.

Demeyere also makes non-stick aluminum cookware with a long-lasting PFOA-free coating. Non-stick Demeyere pots and pans are quick-release, easy to clean, and feature an enhanced coating that prevents peeling, blistering, and scratching—even when you’re cooking with metal utensils. Demeyere non-stick aluminum cookware works with all cooking surfaces, including glass, electric, gas, and induction, and with broiler temperatures up to 500 degrees. Demeyere offers full sets and individual saucepans, Dutch ovens, frying pans, and stock pots so you can choose the best options for your culinary creations. Riverbend Home is an authorized Demeyere retailer—find stainless steel and non-stick aluminum options to enhance your cookware collection.