Fernco Couplings, Pipe Wrap & End Caps

From its beginnings in a Master Plumber’s garage in 1964, Fernco has grown into a company that manufactures a full line of couplings, connectors, pipes, and water management products. Flexible Fernco couplings come in sizes from 1 to 8 inches; choose the diameter that’s right for your plumbing job. Flexible couplings are resistant to chemicals, UV rays, fungus growth, and sewer gasses. Fernco Proflex couplings are designed to resist shear forces, making them ideal for outdoor, above-ground applications. The Proflex coupling shield and clamp bands are made in stainless steel, with a neoprene gasket that can withstand temperatures up to 180°F. A Fernco coupling creates a leak-proof seal on nearly any type of plumbing pipe material, including cast iron, plastic, copper, and steel. We also offer flexible, durable, easy-to-install end caps for testing, cleanouts, or permanent applications. Browse the selection of Fernco couplings, end caps, pipe wraps, and seal products at Riverbend Home and find the right options to maintain and repair your pipes.