Fluidmaster Toilet Parts

In 1957, Fluidmaster founder Adolf Schoepe revolutionized indoor toilet operation with the invention of the first fill valve. Today, Fluidmaster takes pride in its comprehensive line of sturdy plumbing products for residential and commercial use, including flappers, flush and fill valves, tank levers, connector hoses, and other maintenance parts. A top supplier in the industry, Fluidmaster manufactures and distributes plumbing products, internal flushing mechanisms, and toilet care parts in over 90 countries. Outside of products for the bathroom, you’ll find replacement plumbing parts for kitchen appliances, including faucet, dishwasher, and ice maker connector hoses. Fluidmaster parts and plumbing products are constructed in stainless steel, antimicrobial rubber, brass, and other sturdy materials to endure flush after flush. Fluidmaster makes maintenance and repair parts that solve plumbing problems—explore our selection and find the right options for your project.