Franke Kitchen Sinks

Franke Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks and Accessories

Franke designs kitchen sinks, faucets, and sink accessories with exquisite craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and in styles that feel tailor made. You’ll find drop-in, undermount, and apron-front kitchen sinks made of easy-care stainless steel, a classic material that handles any temperature, is very hygienic and offers a timeless aesthetic. For a more modern look, choose a granite sink that stands up to heat, prevents bacterial growth, and comes in a range of designs and colors for a durable and beautiful look. For traditional or farmhouse kitchens, fireclay kitchen sinks are an excellent choice. This material is harder than metal, scratch-resistant and super hygienic. Franke undermount kitchen sinks can be mounted beneath granite, wood, or solid surface countertops, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. An undermount sink provides an edgeless finish that is perfectly integrated into your kitchen whilst being easy to clean. If you have a laminate, wood, or solid surface counter, a drop-in or topmount sink is a great choice. These sinks have a lip around the outside end and are installed from above into a pre-cut hole in your worktop. Most drop-in kitchen sinks come in stainless steel, but are also found made of other materials such as granite. With an apron-front sink, also called a farmhouse sink, you can stand directly in front of the basin without a cabinet or countertop in the way, making it more comfortable when prepping food or cleaning up at the sink. Along with kitchen sinks in a wide variety of designs, styles, materials, and sizes, Franke also supplies a full complement of sink accessories to help with your kitchen tasks. Their line of accessories includes sink grids to protect the bottom of your sink from scratches, drains, strainers, faucets, water filtration systems, sink disposals, sink mats, and cutting boards. Riverbend Home is an authorized retailer.