Fans & Heaters From Lasko

Founded in 1906 and reinventing itself along the way, Lasko specializes in manufacturing heating and cooling products that make people more comfortable at home. Our Lasko collection includes attractive, high-performance products that warm or cool a room, from electric space heaters to oscillating fans. Improve air circulation in a room or space when the temperatures rise with a high-speed oscillating, box, window, desk, or floor fan. Lasko fans are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Place a Lasko fan on a desk to circulate the air as you work, or use one in the bedroom for white noise to help you sleep.

A tall, slender Lasko oscillating tower heater spreads warmth throughout a room without taking up too much floor space. A portable utility heater delivers warmth quickly in a garage, shop, or another indoor workspace. When a little extra warmth is all you need, a Lasko personal space heater does the trick on a desk or side table; we offer an assortment of Lakso heaters for spaces large and small. Lasko takes pride in manufacturing sturdy, durable fans and heaters using quality materials—browse our selection of Lasko heating and cooling products to find the best options for your home.