Runtal Radiators & Towel Warmers

Runtal combines the comfort of radiant heat with sleek, space-saving design in its line of radiators. Our Runtal collection of electric and hydronic baseboard and panel radiators brings comfort and warmth to any room in your home. Hydronic radiators use your existing hot-water system to evenly distribute heat throughout the room, while electric baseboard and panel heaters employ the process of convection to heat the air. Unlike central heating systems, baseboard and panel heaters warm only the rooms where they’re installed, making them an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution.

Few things feel more luxurious than wrapping yourself in a perfectly warmed towel after stepping out of the bath or shower. Explore our collection of Runtal towel warmers to bring the opulent experience of a heated towel rack to your own home. We include electric and hydronic options in a variety of low-profile, wall-mount designs to add modern style and soothing warmth to your bathroom. Choose a plug-in configuration for flexibility and versatility, or opt for a direct-wired design for a more permanent fixture in your home.

Mounting hardware is included with all of our Runtal baseboard and panel heaters and towel warmers for hassle-free installation. Explore our Runtal collection to find the additional parts and accessories you might need, including end caps, pipe covers, control valves, and controllers.