American Standard Touchless Faucets

Hands-Free Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets From American Standard

Innovation and style are on full display in American Standard touchless, hands-free faucets for the bathroom or kitchen. Once limited primarily to commercial settings, touchless faucets are making their way into residential kitchens and bathrooms. The convenience of a sensor trigger that opens the tap when motion is detected makes bathroom and kitchen tasks easier. When the sensor no longer perceives motion, the unit automatically turns off the water flow, making a touchless faucet environmentally friendly. A touchless faucet is more hygienic than a traditional model with handles; motion sensor operation eliminates the transfer of germs on surfaces where other users can pick them up. We offer American Standard touchless faucets for the bathroom and kitchen in finishes that complement your existing fixtures, including brushed nickel and polished chrome. Designed with a scratch- and tarnish-resistant finish, an American Standard touchless faucet looks stunning in the bathroom or kitchen year after year. Explore our selection of beautifully designed touchless faucets from American Standard and find the best options for your bathroom or kitchen.