Chef's Knives

Chef's Knives, Block Sets, and Santokus

The chef's knife is known as the workhorse of the kitchen, and for good reason: Its razor-sharp blade and substantial weight make it deft and sturdy enough to tackle any job. The blade of a chef's knife tapers to a point, producing a slight curve that makes quick work of chopping, dicing, and slicing large quantities of food at once. Though it's versatile enough to cut vegetables and herbs, a chef's knife is commonly used to slice through thick cuts of meat and bone. Smaller in size and often lighter than a chef's knife, a Santoku knife is a multi-purpose kitchen essential for lighter tasks, including chopping, filleting, and mincing. Our knives are crafted in high carbon stainless and Japanese steel, ensuring maximum strength and durability for all of your kitchen endeavors. We offer individual chef's knives, multi-knife sets, and full blocks with a complete selection of cutlery. Explore the options at Riverbend Home and find an array of chef's knives for your culinary needs.