Knife Sharpeners & Storage

Kitchen Knife Sharpeners, Blocks & Holders

Protect and preserve your cutlery with knife sharpeners and storage from Riverbend Home. A sharp knife not only cuts better, but it's safer to use. A dull blade requires more force and is more likely to slip and cause an injury. For most casual home chefs, sharpening knives two or three times a year is sufficient, but for the serious chef who cooks more often, more frequent sharpening may be necessary. Explore our collection of knife sharpeners and find tools to suit your preference: We offer honing steels, slotted sharpeners, V-edge sharpeners, and stropping blocks from Wusthof, Shun, Henckels, Anolon, and Berghoff.

Storing knives properly is another essential step in keeping the blades sharp and your kitchen safe. Whether you prefer a classic wooden knife block or a wall-mount magnetic knife holder, we offer several styles to meet your needs. Typically crafted in bamboo, birchwood, or acacia, but also found in stainless steel, a slotted knife block accommodates from 5 to 26 knives. We also offer universal knife blocks that adjust to accommodate 6 to 8 knives of any size. A magnetic knife easel adds a modern edge to classic countertop storage, and comes in several configurations that add style and utility to your kitchen. Short on space? Opt for a wall-mount magnetic and slotted knife holder that preserves kitchen counter space while keeping cutlery within easy reach. Cooking on the go? A knife bag allows you to safely transport your knives.

Enjoy top performance from your knives and safety in the kitchen with the right cutlery tools. Find everything you need in the knife sharpeners and storage at Riverbend Home.