Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset Cookware & Accessories

Elevate your everyday kitchen experience with colorful, durable Le Creuset cookware. The iconic French manufacturer has been crafting high-quality cookware since 1925, and its vibrant, colorful finishes and superior performance have made it a favorite of professional and amateur chefs alike. Choose from the brand’s high-quality materials based on your cooking needs and personal preferences: Enameled cast iron cookware boasts a vibrant, colorful finish and stove-to-oven-to-table convenience, while sleek stainless steel cookware offers durability and professional-level performance. Opt for dishwasher- and oven-safe nonstick cookware for minimal mess and easy cleanup.

Cookware from Le Creuset runs the gamut from multi-purpose to extremely specialized—but if you’re having trouble demystifying the brand’s choices, we’re here to help. Start by stocking your kitchen with these essential Le Creuset pieces:

  • Dutch Ovens – Available in capacities ranging from 1.5 to 9 quarts, the Le Creuset Dutch oven is crafted in the brand’s vibrant enameled cast iron and features a tight-fitting lid and two easy-t0-grab handles. This heavy-duty, multi-purpose pot is perfect for nearly any cooking task, from simmering soups and sauces and boiling pastas to making pot roasts and roasting chicken.
  • Cast Iron Skillets – Le Creuset cast iron skillets offer the rustic aesthetic of a traditional cast iron pan with the nonstick convenience of the brand’s protective satin black finish and the bold appeal of the brand’s vibrant colors. Choose from classic round skillets as well as square skillet grills, each available in options ranging from 6.33 inches to 11.25 inches.
  • Braiser – With an easy-to-remove lid and two loop handles for easy maneuvering, Le Creuset braisers feature shallow sides and a large cooking surface that make them perfect for transforming meat and vegetables into tender, mouthwatering dishes. These enameled cast iron pans also work well for shallow frying or steaming, simmering stews, and baking casseroles.
  • Tea Kettles – Le Creuset tea kettles are crafted in carbon steel for rapid boiling, and come coated in the brand’s colorful enamel finishes, so they’re easy to clean and they look attractive on your counter or cooktop.
  • Once you’ve established the basics, build out your cookware collection based on your favorite recipes and preferred cooking styles. From rice pots to stock pots to crêpe pans, find specialized cookware from Le Creuset. The brand also crafts saucepans and skillets in sleek stainless steel for high-performance, professional-quality cooking, as well as nonstick options for easy, everyday use. Panini presses, glass lids, splatter guards, and other cookware accessories help expand the functionality of your existing pots and pans. For Le Creuset cookware in one convenient collection, look to Riverbend Home.