Steamist Steam Generators, Controls & Aromatherapy Systems

Steamist boasts a rich 50-year heritage of quality and service to designers, plumbing professionals, and homeowners. As the popularity of in-home spas continues to grow, Steamist applies sophisticated technology to take the luxury and benefits of a home steam bath to new levels. Steamist offers steam showers with modern options, including aromatherapy, to help you get the most out of each shower session.

A Steamist generator provides a quiet, even stream of steam in seconds; a digital steam control mounted on the wall near your bath allows you to restart the generator when the time runs out without leaving the room. Steamist manufactures products in sturdy materials to endure daily spa sessions, maintaining its goal of creating innovative systems that relax, restore, and renew, in each of its new products. Browse Steamist at Riverbend Home and find the best options to create your own deluxe spa at home.