Art Deco and Glam Décor: Tip and Ideas to Embrace Two Luxe Styles

Art deco and glam style

Do you love the bold sophistication of Art Deco and glam décor, but hesitate to add either style to your home? Perhaps you think glam will look over the top, or Art Deco won't meld with your primary design. But you can embrace opulent glam or Art Deco style without it being "too much". Read on for must-know tips and ideas that bring these luxe looks down to earth.

1. Mix and Match Strategically

Art Deco and glam décor are attention grabbers, but they also play nice with other styles. If you like the clean lines of a gilded Art Deco-inspired mirror and accent table, you can add them to your living room or bedroom—even if the design is primarily traditional, Craftsman, or coastal. Glam elements add a layer of bling and brightness to other decorative styles, and almost always become a focal point in a room.

If you want to go all-in, make Art Deco or glam the primary style in one room, such as the bedroom, your office, or a reading nook.

2. Add a Touch of Glamour with Luxurious Fabrics

Glam décor embraces sumptuous fabrics that are beyond the everyday. Think velvet, silk, satin, and faux fur across accent pieces.

Safavieh MCR4614E Gibbons Bench

Achieve the look with:

  • Velvet pillows
  • Velvet poufs or ottomans
  • Tufted velvet benches
  • Sconces, pendants, or tiered chandeliers with silk lampshades
  • Faux fur pillows
  • Faux fur throw blankets
  • Faux fur stools

3. Showcase Simple Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Art Deco is defined by clean lines and simple geometric patterns that repeat.

Safavieh FOX2582A Burton Coffee Table

Achieve the look with:

  • An iron and glass console table with curved iron legs that form an arch
  • A museum cabinet with tempered-glass panels forming symmetrical lines
  • A glass-top coffee table with a champagne-gold metal base forming an Art Deco light-burst motif
  • Silver and white bath towels with a geometric pattern

4. Brighten and Refine with Silver and Gold Finishes

Along with plush fabrics, glam and Art Deco elements embrace luxurious metallics. Both styles embrace gilded finishes across the design or as brilliant accents.

 Sagebrook Home Gold Ceramic Heart

Achieve the look with:

  • A gold faceted ceramic heart sculpture
  • A crystal chandelier with wide wrought iron tiered bands in an antique silver finish
  • A turquoise and gold vase
  • Hammered gold and silver aluminum decorative trays
  • White ceramic jars featuring gold geometric patterns

5. Boost the Glimmer with Crystal Lighting Elements

Few things are more glam than crystal lighting. Faceted crystal chandeliers, sconces, and pendants send refreshing sparkles throughout a room and offer unabashed opulence.

 Safavieh Eunice Single-Light Table Lamp

Achieve the look with:

  • A large-scale Swarovski crystal chandelier
  • Crystal orb pendant lights
  • A ring chandelier with crystal beads
  • Table lamps with a crystal base and silk drum shades
  • Candelabra-style crystal wall sconces

6. Feature Mirrors, Glass, and Marble

Mirrors and mirrored furnishings reflect and amplify glam elements while offering their own vintage style. Glass-topped tables emphasize metal legs with silver or gold finishes. And marble is a traditional sumptuous accent made more luxurious when illuminated by crystal sconces or pendants.

 Ships Free Safavieh SFV2512A Shayla Acrylic Accent Table

Achieve the look with:

  • An etched mirrored buffet server
  • A gold and clear glass ball drop chandelier
  • An Art Deco sunburst mirror
  • An ornate cognac glass chandelier
  • A glass coffee table with metal legs in a luxe gold finish
  • Mirrored wall décor in a labyrinth pattern
  • A bathroom vanity with a luxe white marble top

7. Add Dashes of the Unexpected

Art Deco and glam elements have a bravado that works. These elements are often the conversation pieces of a room, even when they stand alone.

Chelsea Grove 54266 Square Metal Cake Stands with Crystal Adornments

Some accents to consider:

  • Decorative velvet knots set on a coffee table or bookshelf
  • A gold unicorn ring holder
  • Faux mohair and acrylic benches
  • A white beveled glass and chrome desk
  • A mirrored crystal candle holder
  • A copper wall clock with faceted acrylic crystals

8. Feature Plush and Bold Area Rugs

Similar to other elements, glam and Art Deco rugs are defined by plush materials and simple, yet bold patterns. Achieve the look with:

  • A shag area rug in a vibrant teal
  • A silver shag area rug with a diamond pattern
  • A plush natural undyed area rug with a repeating geometric pattern
Safavieh shag rug

    Playing with Art Deco and glam interior design is fun. You'll find these bold décor elements are eye-catching and dependable conversation starters when you're entertaining. Most of all, you'll love how the styles lend energy, light, and playfulness to any room.