French Press Coffee

French Press Coffee

Classic and Rich Bodied Coffee

For easy-to-brew, rich-bodied coffee, the French press offers a classic, well-engineered design that delivers reliable, consistent results. It's perfect for making multiple cups of coffee in four minutes.  Since there’s no paper filter to stop them (just a stainless steel fine-mesh screen), tiny dissolved particles and essential oils from the coffee grounds end up in your cup to give the coffee a richer, fuller body.

Coffee is best brewed at 195 degrees F. Letting the coffee bloom halfway through pouring allows for the best flavor extraction. Coffee will continue to brew even after the press is plunged and can get bitter if left for an extended time in the press. Pour any unused coffee into a carafe to enjoy later.

French Press Coffee

By Le Creuset


  • 4 tbsp. fresh ground coffee
  • 1 quart water
  • Cream, sugar, and other coffee accompaniment
  • Fresh croissants or other pastry


  • French press
  • Tea kettle
  • Espresso mug (for measuring)
  • Coffee mugs for serving
  • Teaspoons, creamer, and sugar dish
  • Burr grinder for coffee (if possible)
  • Stove or burner to heat water


Boil water in kettle on stove. Grind coffee in burr grinder if using whole beans.  Measure   4 tbsps.  coffee, or use a Le Creuset espresso mug to measure as this is the exact right amount of coffee for our press, add coffee to bottom of press.

When water boils, remove from heat and let sit for 30 seconds. Then slowly pour water over coffee grounds about halfway full in press and wait to allow coffee to bloom, 10-20 seconds. Pour remaining hot water into press, stopping BELOW the spout.

Place the lid on the press, allow the coffee to steep for 3-4 minutes. Slowly press down the metal rod, trapping coffee at the bottom. Leave the lid and filter in place, pour immediately and enjoy.