Grab Bars

ADA Grab Bars for Bathroom Safety

Install a grab bar in your bathroom to enhance the accessibility of your space. Grab bars add safety and security for those more likely to slip and fall on a wet floor. They also make it easier for those with limited mobility to move between sitting and standing positions, whether on the toilet or in the bathtub. In addition to standard wall-mount grab bars ranging from 12” to 42” in length, our collection includes L-shaped and angled grab bars, styles with integrated shelves or toilet paper holders, and safety bars that attach directly to the tub. If your shower needs a grab bar, opt for a peened finish that offers an anti-slip surface perfect for soap-covered fingers. Our ADA-compliant grab bars come in a range of finishes and styles from traditional to modern—choose options that match your existing fixtures for accessibility that suits your space instead of standing out.