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Medicine Cabinets and Vanities to make the most of your space

Vanity Cabinets for the Bathroom

A vanity cabinet is more than just functional—the right vanity can become the focal point of the bathroom. Explore our collection to find a style and size to fit your space, whether your tastes run to the traditional and transitional, or you prefer a modern bathroom vanity. A sleek, wall-mount vanity complements contemporary bathroom décor, while a small vanity with a rustic finish may be well suited for a farmhouse-style powder room. We offer double and single bathroom vanity cabinets with or without a top from trusted brands, including James Martin Furniture, Hardware Resources, American Standard, Water Creation, and Manhattan Comfort.

Selecting the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom

Aside from matching the style of your bathroom and satisfying your personal tastes, the most important consideration when choosing a vanity is size. You want to select a vanity cabinet large enough to anchor the room but not so large that it overwhelms the space. A modern wall-mount vanity makes an excellent choice for a smaller bathroom because of its streamlined look and smaller footprint, while a vanity with legs will better fit the scale in a larger bathroom. Maximize the storage space in your bathroom and your home’s resale potential by choosing the largest vanity the space will allow; we offer single and double vanities ranging from 18“ to 122” wide.

Deciding Between a Single- and Double-Sink Vanity

If your bathroom will accommodate only a single-sink cabinet, or the available space is large enough for a sprawling double-sink vanity, choosing is easier. But if the space falls between 36” and 60”, you’ll have the option of a standard double-sink vanity or a larger single-sink vanity. How do you decide? Consider your needs for the bathroom and the benefits each type offers. A double vanity makes an ideal choice for a master bathroom, in-law suite, or anywhere more than one person needs simultaneous access to a sink. But because it will require double plumbing, a double bathroom vanity typically offers less storage space than a single-sink variety in a comparable size. A single-sink vanity suited for a larger bathroom features extra counter space on each side of the sink, making it an excellent option for a guest or secondary bathroom in your home.

Choosing a Vanity With or Without a Top

Once you’ve determined the size, style, and configuration of your bathroom vanity, narrow your search by determining whether you’d like to order a bathroom vanity set with a top, or purchase the top separately. If you prefer a specific style, opt for a vanity without a top so you can choose the precise material, size, and shape to suit your tastes. Or simplify the bathroom design process by choosing a vanity set with the top included. We offer double and single bathroom vanities with tops in Carrara marble, granite, quartz, soapstone, acrylic, and other durable materials, as well as single and double vanity tops only.

Explore our collection of double and single vanities with tops, opt for a vanity cabinet only, or search our selection of separate tops for single and double vanities. Still not sure where to start? Find tips on how to choose the right vanity for your bathroom in our Advice & Ideas section.