Serving Boards & Knives

Cheese Boards, Knives & Serving Sets

Every kitchen needs an assortment of serving boards and knives. Our boards, cheese trays, and serving pieces come in shapes, colors, and materials that elevate the look of your buffet or cocktail table. Whether you need a serving board for appetizers, fruits, cheeses, or to serve a side dish, our versatile pieces make an impressive presentation. Find serving and cheese boards in rustic wood, including olive, cherry, walnut, and bamboo, made to endure heavy use.

We offer cheese boards and serving sets with spreaders, knives, and plenty of space to lay out a selection of goodies. Some include drawers and slots to tuck away cheese tools, knives, and accessories. A cheese set with an attached wire cutter makes clean, uniform slices, and we include multiple options in this collection. Find cheese cleavers, knives, spreaders, and slicers with multi-colored, hardwood, and faux ivory handles that are comfortable to hold and easy to use.

A serving board, knife, or cheese set makes a thoughtful shower, housewarming, or hostess gift. Browse serving boards, cheese sets, and knives at Riverbend Home to find the best options for your next party or special occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes on a Cheese Board?

Choose two or more soft and semi-soft cheeses and build around them. Use a sturdy serving board and surround the cheeses with dried and fresh fruits, including grapes, apricots, and figs, and an assortment of crackers from whole grain to water biscuits. Include a set of cheese knives and spreaders for serving.

Can I Use a Cheese Board for a Charcuterie Board?

Yes. Riverbend Home offers large cheese boards with plenty of space to accommodate the meats, cheeses, bread, sauces, and accompaniments that go on a charcuterie board.

What Is a Cheese Tool?

Cheese tools include an assortment of spreaders, knives, shavers, and servers. We offer a variety of cheese tools, available individually or in full sets.

  • Use a spreader for soft cheeses, hummus, and thick dips.
  • Hold cheese in place while cutting with a fork or a prong-tipped serving knife.
  • Score the rind of hard cheeses neatly with a bell knife or a rind cutter.
  • Open wheels, divide wedges, and chunk semi-hard and hard cheeses with an almond knife.

What Knives Do I Use for Cheese?

  • For soft cheeses, including Brie and feta, a serving knife with a thin, open blade creates clean slices without sticking.
  • For semi-hard cheese, including cheddar and Gouda, a mini cleaver adds enough pressure and force to cut even chunks.
  • For hard cheeses, including Parmesan and Asiago, use a knife with a long, straight blade, or a shaver for serving thin slices.