Inspection Tools

Hand Tools for Home Inspection

Browse inspection tools at Riverbend Home to find the right products, whether you’re a professional home inspector restocking your supplies or a DIY enthusiast taking extra safety precautions for your next project. Our selection includes tools for inspection tasks running the gamut from checking for the presence of combustible gases to peeking into hard-to-see spaces, from top brands Ridgid. Whichever you choose, be sure you’ve selected the best tool for the job:

  • Multimeter: Used to measure electricity, a multimeter comes in handy for everything from installing a new ceiling fan to troubleshooting a malfunctioning electrical system. The digital screen on a modern multimeter makes taking measurements easy.
  • Gas Detector: As its name implies, a gas detector is used to detect the presence of combustible gases, including natural gas and propane, near gas lines.
  • Line Locator: Used primarily by professionals, a line locator helps identify underground pipes and electrical lines before digging a trench, cutting into concrete, and other big jobs.
  • Inspection Camera: With a handheld screen, easy-to-use controls, and long cable, an inspection camera allows you to take a look at inaccessible areas. We offer inspection cameras and extension cables that help you see into remote spaces.

Whether you’re taking on a new home improvement project or stocking up on the right tools for your job, inspection tools are essential for measuring the safety of electric, plumbing, heating, and other systems in residential and commercial spaces. Find the tools you need at Riverbend Home.