Ten Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Bathroom Organization Tips

Speed Up Your Morning Routine with an Organized Bathroom

Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn or prefer to hit the snooze button, when your morning routine runs smoother, you get ready more quickly and efficiently. Having a cluttered, disorderly bathroom isn't the way to get your day off to a relaxing and productive start. We compiled our top tips for organizing your bathroom to help clean up the clutter and turn it into a calming space with a place for everything and everything in its place.

  1. Clean and declutter before you organize
    Before you reorganize your bathroom, first toss out extraneous items. Get rid of outdated medications, old makeup, empty bottles, worn-out brushes, and those hair scrunchies from the 90s. If you don't use it, need it, or want it, throw it out.

    Toothbrush holder, soap dish, tumblers, lotion dispenser
  1. Keep counters free of clutter
    Bathroom countertops are a prime space for clutter to quickly accumulate. Keep your vanity top free of excess clutter and keep only the most essential items out on the counter. Bathroom accessories such as trays, soap dishes, soap dispensers, wall-mounted tumblers, and toothbrush holders help corral products while keeping your counter tidy and easy to clean.

    Shower Caddies
  1. Install a shower caddy
    If your shower needs more storage space, a shower caddy is a great solution for getting those bottles under control. Looks for one that's easy to move for cleaning. There are plenty of options including caddies that hang over the shower arm, mount to the shower wall with adhesives or suction cups, or corner pole caddies that stay in place via a tension rod. A shower caddy will give you shelf space for bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soaps, and hooks or racks to hold razors, shower poufs, bath brushes, and more.

  1. Hang towels on hooks
    Hanging towels on hooks is easier and uses less space than a towel bar. You can use a hook for each member of the family to hold their own towels. Towels will dry faster when hanging on a hook, so you can reuse and cut down on laundry. Or you can use hooks in combination with towel bars to hang wet towels to dry before folding them and putting them back on the rod.
  1. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors for storage
    The unused vertical space inside your cabinet and closet doors make great locations for storing a variety of items including hair care products. Mount holders designed to hold hairdryers or curling irons on the inner surface of the doors to keep them neatly stashed out of sight but within quick and easy reach when you need them.

    To save space in your drawers and vanity shelves, attach wall-mounted plastic bins or containers with adhesive strips to hold small items and other essentials. They also work great inside medicine cabinet doors to organize toothbrushes, dental floss, tweezers, nail care items, etc. without using shelf space. Over-the-door organizers are a great option for linen closets or larger cabinet doors.
  1. Organize drawers with dividers
    Keep small items from getting lost in cluttered bathroom drawers. Add dividers to give every item a home and make it easier to find what you're looking for. You can use acrylic, bamboo, plastic, rattan, or metal organizers to keep things tidy. Store similar items together so you know where to look for particular products.

    Bathroom Storage Baskets
  1. Use storage bins and baskets
    Keep your vanity cabinet organized by using storage bins or baskets. Assign a bin for each family member to keep their personal care products, or use different bins by item such as cleaning products, extra shampoos, conditioners, soaps, bathing essentials such as back brushes, bath mitts, and shower poufs, or rolled up spare hand towels.

  1. Add a hamper or laundry bin to your bathroom
    Putting a hamper, basket, or bin designated for dirty laundry does wonders to tidy your bathroom. It gives you a spot to put towels and clothes that need to be washed in one place and under cover. No more stepping on piles dropped on the floor.

    Over the toilet shelves
  1. Use shelves
    Take advantage of vertical space by mounting wall shelves to hold essentials or decorative accents. A wall-mounted shelf makes great use of space over the toilet, in dead corners, or near the tub. You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs, and some come with added towel bars or hooks. If you have the room, a standing shelving unit or storage tower is a great way to add extra bathroom space.
  1. Add style to your storage with decorative jars
    Why not make your storage part of your bathroom's décor? Essentials like cotton balls, Q-tips, bath salts look great when put in decorative canisters, apothecary jars, or clear glass containers. They're perfect for guest bathrooms, because they make it easier for guests to help themselves to bath supplies without snooping through your cabinets.

Getting your bathroom organized doesn't have to be a hard or complicated process. The goal is to create a bathroom that is neat, easy to use, and simple to keep clean. With the right storage products and a little effort at cutting down on clutter, you'll see a big difference in how your space looks and functions.