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The Benefits of Installing a Touchless Faucet

Touchless Faucets

Hands-free for a Healthier You

Known as touchless, hands-free, automatic, or sensor faucets, faucets that operate without the need for manual handles have many advantages and make invaluable additions to your home’s plumbing fixtures. A hands-free faucet is engineered with a proximity sensor that opens the tap’s valve to release the water flow when it senses hand motion near the spout and then closes it when it no longer detects any hand motions. These types of faucets are commonly found in public restrooms, hotels, airports, and other commercial venues. They are also the popular choice for clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. That same touchless technology makes these faucets great to install in your home and can provide the following benefits.

Hands-free Faucets

Reduces spread of germs

Now more than ever, we’ve been cognizant of spreading germs through touch. Yet every time we wash out hands throughout the day, we run the risk of cross contamination by touching the handles of the faucet when we turn the water on and off. A touchless faucet eliminates this risk through the use of hands-free technology to operation the flow of water. Just by not touching the faucet each time we use it, we keep germs and bacteria at bay to reduce the chances of spreading diseases.

Easy to use

Without the need to manually turn handles, a touchless faucet is effortless to use. Depending on the design, a hands-free faucet turns on when it senses the motion of your hands in proximity to the spout or can be turned on with a tap of the elbow on the spout.

Less clean-up around faucet

The best way to keep your faucets clean is to invest in hands-free technology. By removing the need for contact, a touchless faucet stays cleaner. Whether you are using it to do cleaning or any kind or prepping food for cooking, the residues won’t get transferred to the faucet. Dirt and soap go down the drain instead of drying on the handle, so you can clean your hands without creating a bigger mess.

Conserves water and energy

A touchless faucet can help you from pouring your money down the drain by using water and heat more efficiently. With a normal faucet, we can use up to 2.2 gallons of water per minute as we wash our hands as we tend to keep the water flowing during the entire process. Hands-free faucets stay on only for as long as it is needed and turn off automatically to conserve water usage, making them better for the environment and better for our water bill.

Modern Design

Modern design

Although some touchless faucets also have a single lever handle to give you the option of manual operation, most don’t have handles or knobs. This streamlined design gives them a sleeker look that’s perfect for modern bathrooms and kitchens. The slimmer design also tends to take up less counter space at the sink and makes them easier to wipe down when cleaning.

ADA compliance

Products that comply with the American Disability Act (ADA) are handicap accessible. For a faucet to be ADA compliant, you have to be able to turn the handle easily with one handle. Without the need for handles, hands-free or touchless faucets are even easier to turn on for people with a limited range of mobility and improves the usability of your kitchen or bathroom sink for people of all abilities. These faucets are also ideal for any home where you plan to age in place.

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