Baking & Casserole Dishes

Casserole Dishes, Ramekins, Cocottes & Other Baking Dishes

Whether you're mixing up a batch of homemade brownies or cooking your most comforting casserole recipe, you'll find the best options for the job in our collection of baking and casserole dishes. These versatile dishes are defined by the flat bottoms and raised sides that keep casseroles, batters, and other runny ingredients contained. Available in several sizes and shapes, casserole and other baking dishes are well suited for a wide range of tasks, from baking casseroles and side dishes to marinating or roasting meats to baking brownies, sheet cakes, and more. Explore our selection from Anolon, Farberware, Le Creuset, Rachel Ray, Bonjour, Villeroy & Boch, Circulon, Nordicware, and other top brands.

In addition to classic 9" x 13" pans and casserole dishes with lids, we offer several specialized baking dishes: Oval and au gratin dishes make excellent options for baking bubbly potatoes or macaroni and cheese, while lasagna pans with shallow sides are designed for preparing the classic Italian dish. Fill miniature ramekins with exquisitely caramelized crème brûlée or single-serving cakes, meatloaves, and more. Planning a pot roast? Covered cocottes transition effortlessly from stovetop to oven to table. Roast meat, vegetables, and more in a roasting pan. Whether you opt for a lasagna pan, a ramekin, or a classic casserole dish, consider not only the size and type you will need but also the material. Stoneware, ceramic, and enameled cast iron offer excellent aesthetics as well as exceptional heat retention, making casserole dishes crafted in these materials suitable for serving as well as baking. Bakeware in aluminum or steel is durable and provides even cooking, but is better suited for the oven than for the table or buffet.

From side dishes and desserts to one-dish casseroles, main dishes, and more, bake your favorite foods in style with casserole and baking dishes from Riverbend Home.