Santoku & Nakiri Knives

Single Knives & Knife Sets

Santoku and Nakiri knives are Japanese-style chef’s knives made for a variety of kitchen jobs. They’re slightly shorter than a chef’s knife but offer the same reliable cutting power, making them indispensable tools in the kitchen. We offer Santoku and Nakiri knives and knife sets from the top makers in the industry, including Zwilling J.A. Henckel, Mayabi, Berghoff, and Wusthof.

Santoku Knives

A Santoku knife is a multi-purpose kitchen tool designed to perform a variety of kitchen cutting tasks, from mincing garlic to butchering a chicken. Shaped like a traditional chef’s knife, a Santoku knife blade features evenly spaced vertical indentations along the cutting edge that create small pockets of air between the blade and the food. These small air pockets push the food off of the blade to reduce friction and drag while prepping produce, including potatoes and other starchy foods.

Nakiri Knives

A Nakiri knife has a rectangular blade with a square tip and as such is often compared to a small cleaver. But a Nakiri knife is not made for cutting meat. Thinner and lighter weight than a cleaver, a nakiri knife is traditionally used for chopping, slicing, and dicing vegetables. The entire flat edge of a Nakiri knife touches the cutting board all at once, slicing cleanly through vegetables so you’re not left with a row of pieces still connected by a thread.

Our Santoku and Nakiri knives come with precision-forged steel blades for clean, even cuts. These knife blades are stain-, corrosion-, and chip-resistant, designed to retain their sharpness longer so you can breeze through kitchen prep quickly and easily. Sturdy weighted handles give these Santoku and Nakiri knives plenty of heft, while ergonomic design makes them comfortable to wield. Explore the Santoku and Nakiri knives and knife sets at Riverbend Home and find heavy-duty blades to fill out your arsenal of kitchen cutlery.