Touchless & Hands-Free Bathroom Faucets

Motion Sensor Faucets for the Bathroom Sink

Replace an outdated or worn-out fixture and modernize your bathroom sink with a touchless, hands-free faucet. Touchless faucets are gaining popularity in residential settings for their eco-friendly and sanitary properties. Instead of turning a handle to dispense water, a touchless bathroom faucet is activated when the motion of your hand triggers a sensor. Hands-free activation and operation make this type of faucet more hygienic by eliminating the transfer of germs that can make you sick. A touchless faucet runs only when hands are present; when motion is no longer detected, the sensor turns the unit off automatically to minimize water consumption. Most hands-free faucets are programmable so you can set your preferred flow rate and temperature for comfort. The absence of knobs and handles, the clean lines, and the graceful curves make a touchless faucet look sleek in a contemporary bathroom, but these hand-free models are suitable for any type of décor. Enjoy the ease of opening the tap in your bathroom sink with the wave of a hand when you opt for a touchless faucet from Riverbend Home.