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What is farmhouse style?

A style that's distinctly all-American and a reflection to our heritage and homegrown roots, farmhouse style is down-to-earth and full of vintage charm. What began out in the rural countryside, this timeless style is ubiquitous on Midwestern farmsteads and homes built to house generations of families.

A mix of form and function, farmhouse style reflects our pioneer ancestry and pays homage to a time when settlers crafted the things they needed for their homes and passed down furnishings from generation to generation.

Farmhouse décor has a look all its own, incorporating timeworn heirlooms, distressed furnishings, and antique finishing touches. Farmhouse style is warm, inviting, and creates a laid-back vibe that's cozy, relaxing, and a mix of old and new.

Farmhouse kitchens and dining rooms are the heart of the home and showcase function above all else. Kitchens featured apron-front sinks, typically in porcelain and copper, but also now in more modern stainless steel. Butcher block islands are perfect for food prep and bar stool seating lets family gather around the home cook. Open shelving and glass-front cabinets display antique dishware and heirlooms. Painted cabinets are outfitted with vintage hardware and accented by white subway tile backsplashes and soapstone, granite, or quartz countertops. Dining tables are usually made of beautiful, distressed woods with sturdy turned or more streamlined Shaker style legs and are surrounded by mismatched chairs for a down-home look.

Farmhouse furniture is usually sturdy and time-tested, handcrafted from quality woods with distressed finishes, natural stains, or worn paint finishes. The furniture is family style and designed for durability and comfort. Color palettes trend towards white, creams, navy, blue, sage, lavender, and historic color schemes that have a soft overall look. Craftsmanship is always on display including rugged beams, hardwood floors, built-in cabinetry, shiplap walls, and open layouts where kitchen, dining, and living rooms are unified into larger spaces perfect for large family gatherings.

Farmhouse style focuses on upcycling and repurposing, turning old into new. It's pairing flea market finds and grandma's vintage heirlooms as decorative accents with new chic pieces. It can include touches such as a reclaimed wood table, gingham curtains, barnyard signs, and rustic metal pieces in wrought iron, pewter, or aged brass.

It adds cozy blankets in plaid flannel, chunky knits, or warm fleece, along with throw pillows with textured fabrics, fringe, and tassels. Fabrics are low-maintenance such as linen and cotton for a relaxed, breezy feel in stripes, checks, and vintage prints to add a casual, cozy detail. Sofas are usually slipcovered for easy wash and wear care. Rugs are made of natural jute, sisal, low-pile synthetic fibers, or cotton braided styles.

Farmhouse style is the perfect place to repurpose items into decorations. So reuse that old pottery, repurpose those baskets into practical storage, and show off your treasured family antiques and second-hand finds.