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Find Your Perfect Kitchen Faucet Quick-Start Guide

Decide what matters most when choosing the right kitchen faucet for your home. Once you know, use our filters to start shopping!

1. Finish? We Just Started!

The finish (or color) plays a big part in the design of your kitchen.



Shop Chrome Faucets

Stainless Steel


Shop Stainless Faucets



Shop Bronze Faucets



Shop Nickel Faucets



Shop Gold Faucets



Shop Black Faucets

2. Handles. One? Two? Look Ma No Hands?

Two handle faucets

Two Handles

Shop Two Handles

one handle faucets

One Handle

Shop One Handle

touch-free faucets


Shop Touch-Free

3. Pull Out, Pull Down, Side Sprayer, Oh My!

Being able to spray water wherever you need it is a great feature to have in the kitchen. But finding which option is best for you can be challenging.

Pull-Out faucet

Pull Out Faucets

Shop Pull Out Faucets

Pull-down faucet

Pull Down Faucets

Shop Pull Down Faucets

side sprayers

Side Spray Faucets

Shop Side Spray Faucets

4. Holey, Holy, Wholly

Knowing the correct number of holes your sink (or counter, in the case of undermount sinks) has is an important part of picking the right faucet.

1 Hole

One hole faucets

Shop 1 Hole

2 Hole

Two hole faucets

Shop 2 Hole

3 Hole

Three hole faucets

Shop 3 Hole

4 Hole

Four hole faucets

Shop 4 Hole

5. Escutcheon

If you are looking to replace your faucet but not your sink, or have holes already drilled in your counter, you will need to buy a faucet with the same number of holes. Or do you? If your sink has three holes, but you’ve decided you love the look of the single hole faucet, you can get that faucet with its matching escutcheon to cover the other two sink holes. Escutcheons, deck plates, and cover plates all serve the same purpose.

escutcheon, deck plates, and cover plates can all cover unused sink holes.

Escutcheon, deck plates, and cover plates can all cover unused sink holes.

6. Style Says Who You Are, Without Having to Speak

If that’s true, my home says I’m a working mom who doesn’t have time to have style, unless diaper chic is a style. That said, the style of faucet you choose can make a big statement. So think about the look you’re going for before buying.


Contemporary: comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered or dark. Shop Contemporary Kitchen Faucets.


Farmhouse: minimalist approach while mixing comfortable, practical furnishings with salvaged materials to create rooms that invite you to sit down and relax awhile. Shop Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets.


Traditional: calm, orderly, and predictable. There is nothing wild or chaotic in a traditional room. Shop Traditional Kitchen Faucets.


Industrial: takes cues from old factories and industrial spaces. Shop Industrial Kitchen Faucets.


Modern: refers to a period of time, it is a design style that was created in the 1920′s – 1950′s. Shop Modern Kitchen Faucets.

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