Nook Decorating Ideas: Design a Cozy Corner That’ll Be Your Favorite Spot In the House

Though small, nooks can deliver big design style. These little corners of your house have an inviting and comforting quality. They are where your family gathers for meals or the cozy corner where you curl up with a good book. Read on for lighting, décor, and furniture tips for snug spots across your house.

Essential Elements of Relaxing Nook

The Essential Elements Of a Relaxing Reading or Dining Nook

Ideally, nooks are set apart slightly from the rest of the room. The separation is typically physical, such as a recess or a corner space. However, you can create visual separation if you don’t have an architectural feature that’s a natural nook fit. Other key elements of a nook include:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Plenty of light
  • Charming décor
  • Table (optional)

Kitchen and Breakfast Nooks

In the kitchen, nooks are meant for enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea, and gathering for good food morning through night. If you don’t have a built-in breakfast nook, you can create the feel of a nook in one corner of the kitchen.

Kitchen nook decorating ideas:

  • Create an accent wall with chalk paint or a large-scale chalkboard.
  • Install a knob coat rack on one wall of the nook and hang with kitchen aprons.
  • Use a window sill as seating. If you have a deep window sill, have a custom pillow made to fit the space, or make it yourself if you’re crafty. Then add accent pillows to make it even comfier.
  • If you don’t have a recessed nook, create a cozy sense of separation with a corner kitchen table. Add two large pieces of wall art on each wall, or a gallery wall that fills the corner with art and prints.
  • To distinguish the space further, use freestanding shelving to create a ‘wall.’ Set the shelves with plants or display-worthy serveware and cookware.

Window Nooks

Window Nooks

Your home may have a built-in window nook or a recessed alcove with a window. A bay window makes a lovely nook, especially if it has a deep sill. Add a custom cushion or collection of pillows to the ledge.

Pro tip: If the dimensions are right, use outdoor cushions which won’t fade in the direct sunlight.) Finally, you can also create a nook in front of a corner window with deep upholstered benches and throw pillows.

Window nook decorating ideas:

  • Fill the space with a daybed accented with vibrant throws and pillows.
  • Add bookshelves (built-in or freestanding) to the walls of the nook.
  • Hang a sculptural pendant or chandelier above the nook daybed or a small coffee table between two chairs
  • Put curtains across the front of the nook. If you have children, they’ll love closing the curtains for an instant hideaway or fort.
  • Install downward-facing turquoise sconces to add lively color and light without taking up space.

Reading Nooks

Reading Nooks

A cozy reading nook is a lovely addition to any home, and you can create one whether or not you have a physical recess. You can design a reading nook to go in your bedroom, living room, or even the dining room.

Reading nook decorating ideas:

  • Feature a soft corner chair with a side table and floor lamp.
  • Give your nook a sophisticated look with two contemporary armchairs and an ottoman.
  • Create a cozy reading nook for one with a chaise lounge, a magazine rack side table, and a glam table lamp.
  • Distinguish your nook as a separate space with a rustic leaning wall shelf on one side of two reading chairs, and nesting side tables on the other. Hang a distinctive pendant above.
  • Alternatively, use a sculptural metallic room divider to create the sense of separation. Place a cozy armchair, side table, and a table lamp beside the divider.

Hallway Nooks

Hallway Nooks

Under the stairs is a common location for a hallway nook. You can also create a nook in a corner of the hall or along the wall beneath the stairs if your hallway is wide enough.

Hallway nook decorating ideas:

  • Add built-in bookshelves in the nook beneath the stairs.
  • Install a daybed or add a loveseat to the opening beneath the stairs.
  • Showcase a mini-chandelier in the nook in a style that matches your hallway, whether that’s farmhouse, Craftsman, or modern.
  • Set apart a corner nook with twin modern wall shelves and two armchairs. Place a floor lamp between the chairs.
  • Distinguish the space and elevate the cozy style with a decorative ladder hung with colorful throw blankets.

Closet Nooks

If you don’t have a natural space for a nook or prefer your nook set into the wall, you can transform a closet into one. For a large or walk-in closet, consider enlarging the opening to create an inset nook. Or, simply remove the door to a smaller closet and work with the existing space.

Closet nook decorating ideas:

  • Install colorful glass pendants, a classic mini chandelier, or contemporary sconces. These are all excellent lighting options when space is limited.
  • Add a built-in bench with a striped cushion and matching solid throw pillows.
  • Paint the back walls a bold color and the shelving white for a chic and vibrant look.
  • Create an office nook by installing a desk-high shelf and wall shelves. Install a decorative cork or magnet boards on the back wall to help you stay organized.
  • Create a storybook nook for pint-sized members of your household with a plush chair, whimsical wall art, and a flush mount light resembling a cloudy sky.
  • Add a swing chair and wall sconces for a sweet and playful closet nook.

Nooks are restful spaces that feel like home. Get creative and decorate a nook that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.