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Six Quick Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Potential Buyers

Install a Mailbox

The housing market is booming with an increased demand for homes as more and more millennials take on home ownership. Whether you are planning on selling your home this year, would like to add to its value for resale in the future, or just want a new look for your existing home, you can increase your home’s real estate value with a few remodels and updates to give your rooms a fresh new look. Take advantage of the extra time you have been spending at home and try these quick DIY projects to boost your home’s resale value.

1. Install a mailbox post with a planter

Create some beautiful curb appeal by installing a new stylish and low-maintenance mailbox post and mailbox. Spruce it up further with a mailbox post with an integrated planter or opt to plant some flowers around the base to add extra color and charm to your home’s exterior.

2. Add new house numbers that identify your address

The house number that identifies your home address is important for mail delivery, guest visiting you, and is crucial for first responders for finding your location in the event of an emergency. The appearance and design of house numbers can also add to your home’s curb appeal. If yours are chipped, faded, too small, or just not your style, you can update your home’s house numbers with digits that mount separately or with an address plaque customized with your number.

Add Window Boxes to Up Your Curb Appeal

3. Spruce up your windows with planter boxes

Flowers and fresh greenery full of beautiful blooms are one of the best ways to amp up your home’s exterior. Dress up your house front by installing window box planters and freestanding planters on your porch or door stoop. You can change out the plantings seasonally, adding early blooming plants in the spring, mums in the fall, and holly and pine sprigs in the winter. If you don’t have a green thumb or lack the time for watering, you can also use faux florals that look natural but require no maintenance.

Upgrade your outdoor lighting to create curb appeal.

4. Install some outdoor lighting

One way to turn your yard into an entertaining space while also optimizing your resale valve is to install outdoor lighting fixtures to your yard, patio, and home’s exterior. Light up your entry with outdoor wall sconces and overhead ceiling fixtures to increase safety and create a welcoming ambiance. String lights make your patio or deck more festive and set the mood for relaxing outdoors. Spot lights and flood lights illuminate walkways and driveways and help increase security, while landscape lighting helps showcase your pool area, architectural features, beautiful gardens, and flower beds when the sun goes down.

An easy way to update your kitchen is replacing your lighting.

5. Refresh your kitchen with low-cost updates

Kitchens are the heart of your home and a common gathering spot for family and friends. As a well-used room, chances are it is looking a little worn which can ward off potential buyers with its outdated appearance. If a full renovation is not in the budget, you can still give it a cost-effective facelift with some quick DIY updates. These small changes will not only give your space a new look with minimal effort, they will help improve your home’s value.

  • Change out your kitchen sink faucet: swap out the old leaky model for a sleek new faucet. Choose either a single-handle or a faucet with hands-free operation for easier use and modern appeal.
  • Add a new island light or pendants: Cast a better light on your kitchen tasks by updating your lighting fixtures. An attractive and functional linear chandelier or pendants over a kitchen island give the room a high-end look.
  • Swap out aging small appliances for trendy and efficient ones: Small electronic appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, toaster ovens, food processers, and stand mixers, and more are the workhorses in your busy kitchen. Gift yourself with new appliances that will make your cooking tasks easier and look good on your counter.
  • Install new cabinet hardware: Swapping out your existing cabinet hardware for something in a different finish or style will instantly make your kitchen look refreshed and up-to-date.

Refresh your bath with new towels and accessories.

6. Update your bathroom in a weekend

An up-to-date and nicely appointed bathroom will benefit your home’s value and attract prospective buyers if you are planning to sell. Investing in a bathroom remodel could even be the final selling point that sets your house apart from others on the market. Even if you don’t have plans to sale your home in the near future, a bathroom refresh can take your room from merely functional to enticing retreat. If your bathroom is in good shape but looking a little stale, here’s some quick updates that will perk up its style with minimal time, effort, or money.

    • Install a new bathroom sink faucet: Upgrade your faucet to a more stylish and luxurious design. A newer model will not only be water-efficient, but give your bath a stunning new look. For a cohesive appearance, also swap out your towel bars, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, and bathroom accessories for designs that coordinate.
    • Update your light fixtures: Swap out your vanity lights for something more on-trend and that speaks to your current style. Choose sleek and modern lighting or hang a luxuriously opulent chandelier to make your bathroom standout.
    • Change the look with new towels, shower curtain, window curtains, and rugs: Toss out those old, worn, or faded bath linens in favor of new towels, curtains for your shower and windows, and bath rugs to warm your feet. Add a pop of color to neutral bathrooms with a variety of designs, patterns, and hues, or go for an upscale spa look with classic white. Bathroom textiles make it easy to update the look of your bathroom without breaking the budget.

Whether or not you are in the market to sell, your house is your greatest asset and a worthy investment. With some simple and quick DIY updates, you can easily make it look like a million bucks.