Other Cookware

Balti Dishes, Paella Pans & Other Specialty Cookware

Go beyond your conventional pots and pans with specialty and other cookware items designed for task-specific food preparation. Riverbend Home offers an impressive selection of specialty cookware to handle a variety of cuisine and dishes. Cook and serve traditional Pakistani fare in a sturdy cast iron Balti dish. Slowly simmer meats and vegetables right on the stovetop in a traditional Moroccan tagine. A wide, shallow paella pan toasts the rice layer to perfection, allowing moisture to evaporate for authentic texture and flavor. A pizza stone distributes heat evenly in the oven to produce a crisp crust—ideal for baking bread and pastries, too. We've got you covered when you want to expand your skills and try new culinary delights or cookware. When a standard saucepan just won't do, browse our selection of specialty and other cookware in nonstick, cast iron, and other sturdy materials to find the perfect pieces for your kitchen collection.